Travels to Spain

Travels to Spain

The best experiences in Spain - read our recommendations for where to go and what to see

Kasper Christiansen
Text & photos: Kasper Christiansen
25. January 2021

Spain is one of the world's most popular destinations, and after the United States it is the most visited country in the world: in a 'normal' year without coronavirus, more than 90 million people travel to Spain.

There are many reasons for the country's popularity, but first and foremost it is due to the enormous breadth of experiences Spain offers: Spain has world-class beaches, groundbreaking modern architecture, unique art, a fascinating history and a perfect climate that makes travel to Spain attractive all year round.

There are many good reasons to travel to Spain - whether you are looking for sun & beach, culture & history or wine & gastronomy. Also, Spain has several excellent ski resorts
Antoni Gaudí's architecture
Antoni Gaudí's architecture - experience Gaudí's masterpieces in Barcelona

Types of travel in Spain

Spain has unimaginable opportunities for the traveler. The country's great variety makes it possible to combine architecture, art, wine, beach and much more.

Wine and gastronomy trips

If you travel to Spain to experience the country's gastronomy, a wealth of exciting possibilities spreads out when you spread out on the map beyond Spain. The country has no less than 68 official wine regions.

In Catalonia, a few hours drive south of Barcelona, lies Priorat, one of the absolute best wine regions in Europe. Here, wine is mainly made from the cariñena and garnacha grapes. In northern Spain you will find the Rioja and Ribera del Duero wine regions. In addition, Spain is packed with lesser known - but exciting - wine regions such as Alta Alella, Bierzo, Benissalem and Montsant.

Spain's gastronomy has experienced a golden age in recent decades. Where the country 'in the old days' lived in the shadow of its great neighbor to the north (France), but today most medium-sized Spanish cities have Michelin-starred restaurants and people stand in line for months to experience celebrated restaurants such as

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Beach and sun holiday

Many people make a pilgrimage to Spain due to the country's many hours of sunshine and beautiful beaches. Both the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands have a wealth of paradise beaches. Legendary beaches such as Cala Turqueta (Menorca), Cala Sant Vicent (Ibiza), and Ses Illetas (Formentera).

The climate of the Canary Islands is tropical, making the islands the preferred winter destination. In Catalonia, the Costa Brava north of Barcelona is packed with beautiful beaches, and south of Barcelona you will find the beautiful Cala Fonda. The city beach at Barceloneta in Barcelona has been named the best city beach in the world by several media. But the country's most beautiful city beach is La Concha in San Sebastián (Basque Country).

In northern Spain, there is not the same degree of sun guarantee. In Galicia, the weather is choppy, but Playa de las Catedrales beach is among Spain's most beautiful.

Art trips

If you are interested in art, Spain is a true cornucopia. For most, Madrid will be the first stop: the Museum Triangle with the Prado Museum, Reina Sofía and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum has the world's largest concentration of art. The stay in Madrid can be combined with an excursion to Toledo (just a 30-minute train ride away by Spain's AVE train.

In Barcelona you can experience the Miró Museum and the Picasso Museum, and the MNAC Museum has the world's largest collection of Romanesque frescoes. In Bilbao you will find the museum above all museums: Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum. Most people come to experience the building, but the museum exhibits modern art from Kandinsky to Olafur Eliason.

Ski trips

Yes, it is actually possible to arrange a ski trip to Spain. Spain's best ski area is called Baqueira Beret, and can fully compete with some of the best ski resorts in France and Italy. Add to that that you can eat delicious tapas and drink cold cañas on après ski.

Other types of travel

There are unimaginable possibilities when it comes to forms of travel to Spain. Here are some of the most obvious options:

Types of travel to Spain
  • Wine and gastronomy holidays - visit some of Spain's 68 wine regions on a wine and gastronomy trip.
  • Cultural-historical journeys - Spain has an impressive collection of historical monuments, museums.
  • Beach Holidays - Spain is known for its legendary beaches in the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, the Costa Brava and the Costa del Sol.
  • Ski holidays - you can ski both in the Sierra Nevada near Granada and in the Pyrenees.
  • Business trips with professional visits - look at architecture and urban planning, infrastructure, hospitals, schools and colleges in Spain. We can help book the visits and possibly. provide interpreter.
  • Football trips - see Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlético and the other teams in the Primera División on a football trip.
  • Birdwatching tours - Spain has an impressive wildlife and you will be able to see eagles, kestrels and Eurasian hoopoes among other species.
Baqueria-Beret - Baqueira Beret is Spain's best ski area

When to travel to Spain?

Spain has a mild climate - and is suitable for travel all year round. However, there are large local differences, and Spain has as many as 6 climate zones. The climate of the Canary Islands is tropical with major local changes.

However, one should be careful when visiting the central part of the country and Andalusia in July and August: the temperature comes many days above 40 degrees in cities like Madrid, Toledo, Seville and Córdoba. If you are going to Spain during the summer holidays, we recommend staying close to the sea - or very close to a pool.

The winter is mild in Spain, and along the Mediterranean the temperature is often 15-16 degrees during the winter months. But if you want sun and warmth in the winter, the Canary Islands are the best bet for a destination that is suitable for swimming and relaxing by the sea.

Tenerife - the mountainous area in the north of the island offers dramatic scenery

What to see in Spain? - 5 favorite destinations in Spain



Toledo is one of our favorite destinations in Spain. Within a few square kilometers, the city offers a myriad of viewpoints, charming squares and narrow streets.

Toledo is known as the 'City of Three Cultures' - here Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in peaceful coexistence for centuries. There is ample opportunity to experience works from all three cultures: see the Jewish tránsito synagogue, the former mosque Cristo de la Luz and the huge cathedral that unites Christian and Muslim elements.

Outside the city limits there are several exciting wineries - we will be happy to arrange a winery visit in the area, if you come to Toledo.

What to experience in Toledo?

  • El Greco's Art - El Greco is everywhere in Toledo, but you will find him in several of the city's churches and of course at the Greco Museum.
  • The Gothic Cathedral, which is one of Spain's most impressive
  • The viewpoints from the south of the city. Take e.g. up to the Parador in Toledo and drink a glass of cool white wine and enjoy the view from there.
  • Visit a winery - both north and south of Toledo, there are several excellent wineries.
Toledo - one of Spain's most beautiful destinations



Madrid is the capital of Spain and the largest city. With suburbs, the city has more than 5 million. inhabitants. Yet Madrid is known as 'the world's largest village', and especially in the center of the city it is true that the city can resemble a village.

Madrid is known for its museums and at least one of the museums in the Museum Triangle is a must: experience Picasso's Guernica at the Reina, Goya and Velázquez at the Prado Museum and Caravaggio, van Gogh and Paul Klee at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

Also experience the Madrid Markets (we can recommend the Sant Miguel Market), the city squares, the Retiro Park and a few of the more than 15,000 restaurants ... If you are short of things to do in Madrid, there are plenty of opportunities for exciting excursions: Toledo and Segovia is located in each their direction towards resp. south and north, and can make it out for two amazing excursions.

What to experience on the trip to Madrid?

  • 'The Museum Triangle' (The Prado Museum, Thyssen-Bornemisza and The Reina Sofía Museum)
  • Madrid's many Squares: Plaza Mayor, Plaza Santa Ana and Puerta del Sol
  • Excursions - Segovia and Toledo are both located just one hour's drive from Madrid
  • The Wine Region D.O. Madrid is just a 45-minute drive from Madrid
Madrid - på billedet kongeslottet og Almudaina-kirken



La Ciudad Condal (the City of Counts), is what the inhabitants themselves call Barcelona. Catalonia is an ancient county and in the Middle Ages, the county became part of the Kingdom of Aragon (Kingdom of Aragon-County of Catalonia) and became an important power in Europe that were to dominate large areas of the Mediterranean in the 13the and 14th century. You can still see remains from the old kingdom: visit the Plaça del Rei (the Royal Palace), the Sala del Cent (City Hall) and the city's Gothic churches.

Also, do not forget to experience the works of Antoni Gaudí and the other modernistes. Choose between La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Casa Batlló, La Pedrera and Colonia Güell. Also, try to squeeze in a concert in Domènech in Montaner's beautiful concert hall Palau de la Música, it's a perfect way to get a little more modernism into the program.

What to experience in Barcelona?

  • Antoni Gaudí's architecture - especially the Sagrada Familia church (which will be the tallest in the world), Casa Batlló, La Pedrera and other modernist architecture by Domènech in Montaner, Puig in Cadafalch and others.
  • The Gothic Quarter with churches such as the Cathedral of the Sea and the Cathedral. Also remember the Picasso Museum in this area-
  • The Montjuic Hill with viewpoints, cafes, concerts and the Miró Museum
  • Tapas and wine bars in the Borne district - ask for the huge wine list at La Vinya del Señor in front of the church of Santa María del Mar
Barcelona's Gothic Quarter
Barcelona's Gothic Quarter - photo of the Plaza del Rei with Barcelona's Royal Palace and Santa Ágata Chapel.


San Sebastián

One of Spain's most beautiful cities - and perhaps the place in Spain where you eat best. San Sebastián is a lovely city, which possibly. can be combined with Bilbao or experiences on the other side of the border - France is only about an hour's drive from San Sebastián.

Take a detour into the country to the south and experience the amazing wine region of La Rioja. Here you will find historic wineries such as Marqués de Riscal, which produces both red wine and white wine, and modern wineries such as Bodega Contador, which have achieved the coveted 100 points on the Robert Parker scale.

What to experience in San Sebastián?

  • Basque food - nowhere else in Spain do you eat as well as in San Sebastián. Visit the city's tapas restaurants, which are among the best in the world, and hear if necessary. about the prices of the city's Michelin star restaurants.
  • Chillida's sculptures - the sculptures 'comb the wind' in the bay off San Sebastián.
  • Detours to the Rioja Wine Region (one hour drive south), southern France (one hour drive east) or Bilbao (one hour drive west.
San Sebastián
San Sebastián - views of beautiful San Sebastián from Monte Igueldo



For many people, Mallorca is a favorite destination in Spain, and Mallorca has it all: the island is packed with fantastic beaches, tasteful hotels, good restaurants and there is much to see on the small island.

Many visitors go directly to the beach hotels without experiencing the island's capital. That is a shame, since Palma has a lot to offer: if you visit the capital you have to see the Cathedral, the Miró Museum, the Bellver Castle, the Almudaina Palace and the Jewish Quarter.

What to experience on Mallorca?

  • Mallorca's beaches - choose between the child - friendly beaches on the south and east coasts and the 'secret' beaches and coves on the rugged north coast.
  • Cap de Formentor - the beautiful peninsula with dramatic scenery on the northeast corner of Mallorca
  • Deia, Soller and Valldemosa - take an excursion to the north coast and experience history and culture
  • Palma de Mallorca's historic district - see the Cathedral, the Almudaina Palace and the old stock exchange.
  • The wine regions of Llevant and Binissalem - the quality of Mallorca's wines has increased considerably since the sangria festivals in the 1960s and 1970s.
The cathedral in Palma de Mallorca
The cathedral in Palma de Mallorca - the Cathedral of Mallorca in the historic centre of Palma de Mallorca.

Facts about Spain

Spain's capital:

Central European time. The Canary Islands in south are 1 hour ahead of the rest of Spain.

There are four official languages in Spain: Spanish (also known as Castillian), Catalan, Basque and Galician.

€ (Euro)

220 volt

Do not drink tap water that contains large amounts of chalk. Instead, you can buy water in bottles.

Spoanish food is celicious. You have to try paella valenciana that is served all over Spain, not only in Valencia.

Tourist/City Tax:
A new tourist tax or City Tax has arrived to several destinations in Spain. In Barcelona you have to pay 072, € / night in 3-star hotels, 1.21 € / night in four-star hotels and 2.5 € / night in five-star hotels. In Mallorca the prices go from 0.5 € to 4 €/night depending on the category of the hotel.

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