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Barcelona offers almost everything to the visitor: history and modern architecture, beaches and mountains, gourmet restaurants (several excellent restaurants with 1-2 Michelin stars) and modern wine bars. Barcelona's many offers is one of the main explanations for the city's popularity today.

Barcelona is set on a plain rising from the Mediterranean Sea. The city was founded by the Romans 15 BC but not until the late Middle Ages did the city begin to gain influence beyond its borders. In the 13th and 14th century, a heyday began for the city as it became the capital of the Kingdom of Aragon-Catalonia that conquered vast territories in the East and made the kingdom a dominant factor in the Mediterranean. On our Walking Tour in the Gothic Quarter you will see some of the most important historic buildings as well as contemporary architecture.

In recent years, the city and the region around it (Catalonia) has experienced a renaissance, triggered by the Olympics held in 1992. The city is one of the wealthiest in Spain and has 3 million inhabitants. Beyond the city borders you will find some of the region's best wineries. Visit Alta Alella north of Barcelona on a private wine tour. To the north you have beautiful Costa Brava, to the west Montserrat and the Penedès wine region and south of Barcelona you will find historic Tarragona.

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