Tapas and Wine Tour in Barcelona

Tapas and Wine Tour in Barcelona

Taste excellent tapas and wines in Barcelona on a private tour

Our guided Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour takes place in Barcelona's charming Barrio Gotico, the historic quarter with medieval palaces, narrow alleys and excellent tapas and wine bars. The tour offers some of Barcelona's best tapas and wine.

The Wine tasting will present you with a number of high quality wines. Among others, it would be possible to taste one of Peter Sissecks wines from the winery Hacienda Monasterio. This winery was where Peter Sisseck started his adventures in the Ribera del Duero Wine Region after starting as an aprentice under his uncle Vinding-Diers in Bordeaux and having worked for a short period at a wine house in the United States.

This wine is a characteristic example of one of the "modern wines" of Ribera del Duero, that blends tempranillo (also called tinta del país) with the grapes Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. In addition, there will be wine tasting of wines from the area of Priorat - similar to the style of wines produced in the Rhône area - and from Rioja.

The tour will go on to a tapas restaurant specialised in serving some of Barcelona's most delicious tapas. Choose between a selection of pintxos (Basque tapas) and a variety of typical Spanish dishes, such as gambas al ajillo and t-bone steaks from the Basque Country. Together with the food there will be served wine or draft beer combining with the delicious meal.

On the tour you will also be introduced to several sights, like the Jewish Quarter, local churches and historic streets. In this way, the tour combines gastronomy, culture, history and traditions.

Details and prices for the Private Tapas & Wine Tour
Duration of the Tapas and Wine Tour
The tour has a duration of around 3 hours, but can be customized.

Prices of the Private Tapas & Wine Tour
Prices from
65 €
per person for a Private wine Tour

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