The City of Córdoba is a historic city with much to offer

Córdoba is often called the city of three cultures. Here, Christians, Muslims and Jews, lived peacefully together during the middle ages. From 929 to 1031, Cordoba was home to the Caliphate of Córdoba, one of the most prosperous powers in Europe at the time. The period is characterized by great wealth and an expansion begins that converts Córdoba into the capital of Al-Andalus.

In this period Cordoba's mesquite (today a UNESCO's World Heritage building) was built. The construction is one of the most magnificent of all Islamic architecture in the world. In the historic city centre you will also find other architectural heritage such as the Alcázar, the Roman Bridge (that crosses the Guadalquivir River) and the Jewish Quarter.

Visit Córdoba and discover picturesque alleyways, squares and monuments that reflect the magnificence of the city in the Middle Ages.

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