Walking Tour Córdoba

The Comprehensive Cordoba Tour

Full Day Walking Tour in Cordoba

Explore the historical city of Cordoba and see the most important sights in Cordoba on a guided tour with an English speaking guide. Among the monuments you will admire the Great Mosque, the Alcázar, Plaza de la Corredera and the Palace of Viana.

Experience the most impressive monuments of Cordoba on a private tour with a custom itinerary. On this tour you will see La Mezquita (the former mosque), the Alcázar, the Roman bridge and the Jewish Quarter.

The tour starts at the fortified Alcázar, originally the residences of the Catholic kings. Here you will find both medieval art and architecture and a marvellous garden. Herefter you will now see the historical Synagogue and the Jewish Quarter before continuing to the Mosque.

You now visit the Mezquita-catedral - the Great Mosque of Cordoba, an amazing monument and on UNESCO's World Heritage List. This first mosque was built in 785, and over the following years it was expanded. In 1236, when the Christians conquered the city, it was turned into a cathedral. However, the building remains a mix of Muslim and Christian architecture style

Hereafter you will see the Roman bridge, and walk to the charming Plaza de la Corredera and the remains of the Roman Temple, which stands next to the city hall.

The tour ends with a visit to the Palace of the Marquises of Viana, a palace-museum with 9 wonderful gardens.

Details and prices of the Comprehensive Cordoba Tour
Duration of the Comprehensive Córdoba Tour
From 4 hours (the itinerary can be customized according to the group's wishes). It is also possible to include lunch on the tour.

Price of the full-day Comprehensive Walking Tour in Córdoba
Prices from
24 €
per person for a full day Walking Tour in Córdoba. The tour is only organized for private groups of minimum 8 people

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