Monachil fra Granada

Daytrip to Monachil and los Cahorros

Walking and local lunch in Los Cahorros from Granada

The Village Monachil is located only 8 km. from Granada City, but in spite of this, Monachil is a relatively undiscovered pearl with only about 7500 inhabitants, and is not yet known by many tourists. The area of Monachil is large and has among other sights, several mountain tops over 300 meters high. One of them is the most southern ski station in Europe, Pradollano, Sierra Nevada has over 100 km. ski sloops, and hosted the world championship of alpine skiing in 1996.

There will be a private bus to take you from your hotel in Granada til Los Cohorros. The guides will be with you the entire day, including the hiking.

The deep ravines of Los Cohorros is about 2 km. form Monachil and has for several years been known among mountain climbers from around the world, they come to climb on the steep chalkstone rocks and see the beautify countryside. The last couple of years, several new routes and been established, and now even unexperienced climbers, can enjoy being challenged in this amazingly and distinctive nature. As it is with most of the areas in Sierra Nevada National park, the hiking here offers unforgettable memories.

One of the hikes is particularly beautiful and is very suited for groups without extensive hiking experience. It is the walking trip up along and through the Monachil river – Rio Monachil.

From here there is amazing views and natural pools where it is possible to swim in the warm summer months. In addition, there is several holes and tunnels, that can be dated back to the Mauerns. These tunnels are to be climbed through and explored in true Indiana Jones manner.

Besides this, there are in this route the famous hanging bridges too cross. The longest one is 55 meters long and are hanging 15 meters over the river below. Most people will get a rush, when stepping on to the bridge, but all the bridges are very safe and you can relax and enjoy the view going across.

There is a total off four hanging bridges according to which hiking routes you choose and several oases that will give you the feeling of being in another world. Along the routes you can see the valley below where apple- cherry- and pomegranate trees, many wild flowers, herbs and countless almond- and olive trees are grooving.

After a 3-hour hiking, the bus will drive to Monachil where there will be lunch at La Cantina de Diego. This restaurant has a philosophy off only using local produce, as much as possible, and they actually grow a lot of their vegetables themselves. They call this philosophy “0 kilometer” which also have resulted in a certification of being 100 percent organic. This is clearly translated into the menu, that is inspired of the natural and fresh produce. A lunch at La Cantina de Diego will make sure you get a perfect ending to an eventful trip. After about an hour and a half, the bus will take you back to the hotel in Granada.

Duration of the tour to Monachil & Los Cahorros from Granada
The trip lasts about 6 hours including private bus from and back to the hotel in Granada. It takes about 30 min. to drive each way, the hiking trip is approximately 8 km. according to which route you choose and there will be and English speaking guide with you the entire trip. If you wish to swim in the natural pools, the details can be arranged during booking.

Prices of the Monachil & Los Cahorros Tour
Prices from
55 €
for a private tour. Prices depend on number of people in your group.

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