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The weather in Granada

Granada's average yearly weather - temperatures and climate of Granada

Granada is a city located in the region of Andalusia at an altitude of 680 meters above sea and is surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountains, which have a notable influence on its climate. The city’s temperature switches between a Mediterranean and a cold, dry climate, meaning a combination of mild winters and hot summers, autumns and springs that fluctuate and little rain.

The average yearly temperature is around 15.5ºC, however due to the microclimate created by the Sierra Nevada at certain times of the year, the difference between the high and low temperatures can reach 20º C. Low temperatures can drop to 0ºC while high temperatures reach 35ºC or more. With that in mind, the ideal time to visit Granada would be the months between winter and summer.

The weather in the surrounding Sierra Nevada and the Alpujarra ranges is typical of mountain weather where the average winter temperatures reach -10º.  Winters are very cold with rain and snow while summers are mild.

When it the best time to visit Granada?
Since Granada’s short rainy season is in winter, the ideal time to travel to Granada is in spring and autumn, which is a great time to visit and enjoy the warm, sunny days without rain.

Weather information

Average temperature in Granada
The following are average temperatures in Granada over a 24 hour period.
  • January: 6.8ºC
  • February: 8.5ºC
  • March: 11.4ºC
  • April: 13.1ºC
  • May: 17.1ºC
  • June: 22.5ºC
  • July: 26ºC
  • August: 25.5ºC
  • September: 21.6ºC
  • October: 16.3ºC
  • November: 10.9ºC
  • December: 7.9ºC
Maximum temperatures in Granada
The highest temperature recorded in the city was in summertime, when it reached 35ºC in July with a relative humidity of 37%. Compared to the rest of the cities in Andalusia, summer is not that hot, although there’s always a chance of an occasional heat wave on any specific day.

The lowest temperatures in Granada

The lowest temperature recorded in the city in winter can drop to 0ºC in January, but in the Sierra Nevada or La Alpujarra mountains they can get as low as -10ºC.

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