Sailing Tour ibiza

Sailing Tour on Ibiza

Private sailing tours on Ibiza for companies and groups

Enjoy the magnificent crystal-clear water and the exceptional views of the island. Explore the stunning white-sand beaches, coves, cliffs and many more exclusive places where you can swim or sunbathe.

On this spectacular sailing tour, you will discover the white-sand beaches and coves of Ibiza from a different perspective. Admire Ibiza`s rugged coastline and its stunning landscapes. You will have the opportunity of snorkelling and swimming.  Depending on where you are staying at, there are many coves you can visit.

Details & prices of the Ibiza Sailing Tour

Duration of the Ibiza Sailing Tour
2-4 hours (the tour can be customized according to your wishes)

Sunset tour
There is the possibility to do this tour during the evening and enjoy the sunset from the boat with a glass of cava (Spanish Champagne)

Included on the Sailing Tour
  • Include lunch and refreshments on board
  • Snorkling
  • Music
  • Wi-fi
Price of the Ibiza Sailing Tour
Prices from
80 €
for en private Ibiza Sailing Tour. The price depends on the number of people in the group, and the sailing tours are only arranged for private groups.

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