Malaga's weather

Malaga’s average yearly weather

Malaga, known as the capital of the Costa del Sol, is located in the southern region of Andalusia, borders the Mediterranean with an impressive coastline of 160 km and boasts a wide variety of beaches and marinas. This exceptional location gives the city its typically Mediterranean climate: dry, hot summers, with average temperatures above 22 ºC and mild winters that are rainy and humid.

The weather in Malaga is generally warm most of the year but summer can bring record-breaking heat waves that can reach 44ºC, making it better to avoid the city during this period. In Malaga, cold, freezing winters are practically non-existent, and lows reach 11.9ºC, making it a great time to walk the streets and enjoy the warm outdoors, much warmer than most cities of Spain and Europe.

Malaga’s beaches have a wonderful climate with a humidity of about 66%, making it a perfect city for any outdoor activity. Just make sure you plan your Malaga trip and avoid the winter months where some 51 days of rain make up the entire rainy season.

When it the best time to visit Malaga?
Without a doubt the best time to visit is at the end of spring and the start of autumn, i.e. at the end of April through May and the first weeks of the months of June and October, when the weather is at its best to enjoy the Costa del Sol’s capital’s streets and beaches.

Besides its wonderful climate, Malaga enjoys 300 days of sun, which makes it an ideal place for a swim at the beach, hiking its mountains or any other outdoor activity.

Weather information

Average temperature in Malaga
Below you will see the average temperatures in Malaga (over a 24-hour period).
Maximum temperatures in Malaga
The highest temperature recorded in the city was 44ºC in summertime during the month of August, with a relative humidity of 61%.

The lowest temperatures in Malaga

The lowest winter temperature recorded is 11,9ºC in December and January, making Malaga one of the best cities in Europe to visit even at this time of year.

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