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A list of Penedès' top 10 wineries

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Kasper Christiansen
Text: Kasper Christiansen
April 14th 2020 (revised version)

There are more than 150 wineries in Penedes. Below you will find a list of some of the best wineries. The wineries in Penedes produce a wide variety of wine: from red wine and white wine to Rosé, dessert wine and - of course - cava. When it comes to Cava, Penedes is the most important wine region in Spain, and stands for more than 90 % of the total production of Spain's sparkling wine.

The wineries we have chosen below are a mix of wineries specialized in still wines and sparkling wine, but what they have in common is the quality of their wines.

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Top 10 wineries in Penedès


1. Mas Comtal

The Mas Comtal is a family owned business producing ecological wine. The winery is located in an estate not far from the sea which gives Mediterranean influences to their products and setting. While visiting the winery someone will not simply get the chance to try some of Barcelona’s best wines (Antistiana, Petrea, sparkling Brut Reserva, Lyric Solera) but will also get the chance to admire a roman arch that indicates us that the place of the winery was used as a refugee (‘’mutatio’’) for travellers in Roman times to rest and receive some hospitality during their journeys.

Mas Comtal
The Mas Comtal Winery in Penedes

2. Parés Baltà

Parés Baltà is a family owned winery with a history going back to 1790. The winery is located in a farmhouse that dates back to the same year. The winery has a balanced philosophy and an ecological profile, while the wine production is left on the hands of the two skilful oenologists and the wives of the owners of the winery.

Parés Baltà
Parés Baltà Winery in Penedes

3. Torres

The Torres winery is the largest in Spain, a family owned business that was founded in 1870 and is one of the most important wineries in the world. Torres has expanded with wineries in Chile and California (US), but the company is based in the Penedès region. Apart from the winery's long history, Torres produces a large variety of high quality wines some of which have obtained many awards. It is no surprise that their products are found in more than 140 countries.

The famous Torres Winery

4. Codorníu

Codorníu is another emblematic well-known name all over Spain that originates from Penedès region. Codorníu winery is not only known for being the inventors of the famous 'Cava' (champagne in Spanish), but also for being the winery that bares the oldest history starting back in 1551. Additionally the winery combines excellent wines, as well as winery cellars under the Catalan modernist style that have been declared as a National Artistic Historical Monument by the King Don Juan Carlos I.

The gardens of the charming Codorníu Winery

5. Jean León

Jean León winery was founded in 1963. It has been one of the main projects of its owner, Jean León, a man born in Santander who immigrated to the States for a search of a better life. Several extraordinary incidents marked Jean León's life such as working in the restaurant of Frank Sinatra, becoming best friends with James Dean, owning a restaurant in Beverly Hills, Jean León started another project and founded a winery in Spain. Jean León was the first winery to use cabernet sauvignon in Spain, and some of his wines were chosen for Ronald Reagan's official inaugural dinner at the White House.

Jean León
The Jean León Winery

6. Albet i Noya

The Albet i Noya winery dates back to 1978 and it's a family owned winery that is committed to ecological wine-production. They specialize in aged red wines. Their impressive cellars have been designed by the artist Joan Raven. The winery is also pioneer in white wines and the typical Penedès sparkling wine. They are also incorporating additional vineyards as well as a farmhouse to use as their offices, which gives an additional feeling of hospitality.

Albet i Noya
The winery Albet i Noya

7. Llopart

The Llopart Winery is a family business that dates back centuries. The winery started working in agriculture, but later was devoted only to wine-making. Llopart is one of the best wineries making sparkling wines in Penedès. Their winery consists of ecological cellars but still possesses a traditional country house dating back to the XIV century, home to the first bottle of Llopart sparkling wine.

Llopart Winery
The Llopart winery

8. Can Ràfols dels Caus

Can Rafols dels Caus is a modern winery founded in 1979. The owner Carlos Esteva has succeeded in growing both the quality and the numbers of wine of the last decades, and his devotion to nature, the earth and viniculture makes all products organic. After his personal project in restoring the traditional Catalan farmhouse of his grandfather (masia), he has had an important role in regenerating the process of vineyards’ cultivation and wine making, until he was head of the prestigious International Academy of Wine.

Can Ràfols dels Caus
The winery Can Ráfols dels Caus

9. Pardas

The Pardas winery was a project coming to life in 1996 when two friends, both winegrowers, founded the Pardas Winery. The winery is located in a medieval country house that has been turned into a winery. It has a wonderful cellar that had fallen into disuse and disrepair since the civil war. With their passion, vocation, studies and experience, this winery now makes some of the absolute best wines in Penedès. 

The Pardas Winery
The Pardas Winery in the Penedes wine region

10. Gramona

We end the list with an excellent cava (Spanish sparkling wine) producer in Penedès. Penedes produces high quality sparkling wines, and Gramona is among the very best. This historic winery was founded in 1881 by Pau Battle - just 9 years after another local winery, Codorníu, had brought the method invented by the french (méthode champenoise) to the area. Today, this winery is for many the best producer of sparkling wine in Spain.

The winery Gramona in Penedès
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