Rioja Wine Region

Rioja Wine Region

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Rioja is one of the most famous denominations of origin in Spain and covers more than 50.000 hectares of vines. In this wine region you will find more than 1000 wine producers, some of them dating back several centuries.

In Rioja you will find everything you can wish for: great museums, fantastic hotels, gourmet restaurant, historic monuments and breathtaking lansdscapes. Rioja is also famous for its modern architecture. Over the last decades, many interesting buildings have been built by architects like Zaha Hadid, Santiago Calatrava, Richard Rogers and

The region is traditionally divided between three regions in Northern Spain: La Rioja, the Basque Country and Navarre. The top wines in Rioja are among the best in Europe.

Grapes in Rioja

Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano, Mazuelo, Carignan, Maturana tinta, Maturana and Monastrell.

Viura, Malvasía, White Grenache (Garnacha Blanca), chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, Verdejo, Maturana white, Tempranillo blanco and Turruntés.

The most famous grape in Spain dominates in Rioja, with more than 75% of the vines

Important wineries in Rioja

Rioja has more than 1200 wineries - below you will see some of the best wineries and a few of their top wines. The wineries with a star are outstanding wineries

  • Bodegas Altanza
    Important wines: Lealtanza (100% Tempranillo), Lealtanza Artistas Españoles Dalí  (100% Tempranillo), Lealtanza, Lealtanza (100% Tempranillo), Lealtanza Artistas Españoles Gaudí Reserva (100% Tempranillo).
  • Artuke*
    Excellent winery in Rioja. The winery produce among other wines Artuke Selección (90% tempranillo, 10% graciano), Artuke K4 (80% tempranillo, 20% graciano) and Artuke (90% tempranillo, 10% graciano).
  • Bodega Contador*
    One of the very best wineries in Rioja and the rest of Spain. Among other things the winery has succeeded in getting 100 points from Robert Parker. Important wines: Qué Bonito Cacareaba, A Mi Manera, Contador, La Viña de Andrés Romeo, La Cueva del Contador and Predicador.
  • Bodegas Bilbaínas
    Founded in 1901 and today part of the Codorniu group. Important wines: Viña Pacet (white wine), Ederra, Viña Pomal, La Vicalanda, La Vicalanda and Royal Carlton (cava).
  • CVNE (Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España)
    Founded in 1878, today one of the most modern wineries in Rioja. Wines: Corona , Cune (white, red and rosé), Monopole (white wine), Imperial (red wine) and Viña Real (red wine).
  • Bodegas Dinastía Vivanco
    Kendte vine: Dinastía Vivanco , Vivanco Viura Malvasía , Colección Vivanco Parcelas de Garnacha, Colección Vivanco Parcelas de Mazuelo , Colección Vivanco 4 Varietales , Colección Vivanco Parcelas de Graciano .
  • Bodegas La Emperatriz
    Wines: Finca La Emperatriz Viura, Finca La Emperatriz Viura Cepas Viejas, Finca La Emperatriz Garnacha Cepas Viejas , Finca La Emperatriz Parcela No. 1, Finca La Emperatriz Terruño
  • Bodegas Luis Cañas
    Important wines: Hiru 3 Racimos (100% Tempranillo), Luis Cañas 90% Viura, 10% Malvar), Luis Cañas, Luis Cañas Selección de Familia, Luis Cañas .
  • Bodegas Muga*
    Family owned winery founded in 1932. Best wines: Muga, Torre Muga, Aro and Prado Enea.
  • Bodegas Ostatu
    Wines: Gloria de Ostatu and Ostatu Laderas del Portillo.
  • Bodegas Palacio
    Best wines: Cosme Palacio and Glorioso .
  • Bodegas Palacios Remondo
    The winery was founded in 1948. Best wines: Plácet and La Montesa - the last one is good for the prices, around 12-13 € for a bottle..
  • Bodegas y viñedos Artadi*
    One of the very best in Rioja. A young winery founded in 1985), but it was the enologist Benjamín Romeo who got 100 Parker points as the first in Rioja for El Pisón.
  • Fernando Remírez de Ganuza*
    Outstanding winery producing among others the top wine Ramírez de Ganuza Reserva.
  • Bodegas R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia*
    Traditional winery. Famous for Viña Tondonia Reserva.
  • Marqués de Cáceres
    Goes back to 1970 and founded by Enrique Forner. Best wines: Marques de Cáceres, Gaudium og MC, Marqués de Cáceres Antea, Marqués de Cáceres and Gaudium Gran Vino
  • Marqués de Murrieta
    Founded in 1870. Top wines: Marqués de Murrieta (hvid og rød), Castillo Ygay and Dalmau. Other good wines: Capellania, Dalmau, Castillo Ygay (93% Tempranillo, 7% Mazuelo).
  • Roda*
    Founded in 1989 in Haro. Produces Roda I, Roda II og Cirsión and Sela. 
  • Bodegas Sierra Cantabria*
    Top producer in Rioja. Among their best wines are Sierra Cantabria Organza, Sierra Cantabria Colección Privada, Murmurón og Finca El Bosque, mancio and Sierra Cantabria Cuvèe Especial.
  • Bodegas Vinícola Real
    Important wines: 200 Monges, Confesor, Viña Los Valles Ecológico, Cueva del Monge, 200 Monges Selección Especial.
  • Bodegas de los Herederos del Marqués de Riscal
    From 1860. Uses Cabernet Sauvignon in most of their wines. Important wines: Finca Torrea (Tempranillo, Graciano), Marqués de Riscal, Marqués de Riscal 150 Aniversario, Marqués de Riscal and Barón de Chirel.

  • Ysios
    Property of Allied Domecq. The spectacular winery is designed by Santiago Calatrava. Best wine: Ysios Ars Vinum.
  • Finca Allende*
    Most famous wines: Mártires (100% Viura), Allende (80% Viura, 20% Malvasía), topvinen AVRVS (85% Tempranillo, 15% Graciano), Calvario (90% Tempranillo, 8% Grenache, 2% Graciano) and Allende (Tempranillo)

Dates and numbers

  • Hectares: 63,593 hectares
  • Wineries in Rioja: 1,202
  • Production: around 300.000.000 liters per year. 90% red wine, the rest being whites and rosé
  • Export/national sale: 69% is sold in Spain, the remaining 31% is exported.

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